At Texas Title, our on-site real estate attorney is ready to support commercial purchases and sales, whether in the DFW area or across the state. We possess extensive knowledge of the nuances and closing procedures involved in commercial transactions. This expertise, combined with the trust of our underwriters, positions us ahead of the competition, enabling quick turnarounds and in-house decision-making capabilities.

Title insurance holds a crucial role in every commercial real estate transaction. While it may be considered optional in residential real estate, it is an essential component of both the due diligence phase and the closing process in the commercial sector. Due to the high stakes in commercial real estate, all parties, including the buyer, seller, and lenders, are deeply invested in ensuring a smooth issuance of title insurance. Recognizing that your business is your livelihood and that growth can be overwhelming, Texas Title is here to simplify the process. We aim to partner with you in a true spirit of collaboration, managing the intricacies of your business and streamlining the process to the best of our abilities.